Need Dredging in YOUR cove ???

Do you need to dredge a little in your cove close to the shore line? We may soon have options for you….. Can you and your neighbors agree on how to get heavy equipment to the shore line? Can you agree on where to take the spoils? If so, there may be a no (or) [...]

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** BBQ October 3, 2015 **

Please join us for the Moss Lake Property Owners Association Annual BBQ. Date: October 3, 2015 Location: Shelter at Landing by Woodbridge Time: I do not know yet BUT I will find out and post soon. This is just to get the date out so YOU & YOUR lake neighbors will attend. We will invite [...]

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We need rain

Lake levels are slow to rise. Water still needs to flow downstream beyond the lake and the raindrops are far and few between. Please be patient and know that it will take rain to fill the lake.

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Info from the Lake Office

Information from the Lake Office: One of our representatives  stopped at the Lake Office for Information….. Here is what he was told on 5/4/15 They are still working on the bottom of the dam and should be completed soon.  The top of the spillway is still curing and they do not want water going over [...]

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Comment from a property owner

I feel I am a rather practical person and fully understand that things need to be repaired, maintained, etc..etc.. but for goodness sake they should be telling us what’s really happening…..not what they think we want to hear.  I feel we should, at a minimum, be given a reasonable estimate as to when we can [...]

Comments From A Property Owner

I am going to post a few messages on here from ML property owners in an effort to share information. The messages will not be in any specific order. IF the information comes directly from the Lake office I will make note at the start of the post. …..I am pretty upset with this latest [...]

Lake is filling up….

It was noted that pipes were releasing water at the dam. The response to this was it was an effort to reduce the pressure on the dam created by the heavy rainfall in our area. The pipes are now closed.

Meeting Minutes March 2015

Will work to improve quality later. Just wanted to try and work on this a little….. JOHN H. MOSS RESERVOIR COMMISSION TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2015 MINUTES DRAFT  The.JohnH.MossReservoirCommissionmetinaregularsessionMarch3,2015at6:00pminthePlanningDepartment. Members   Present Russell Wingfield Bill McMurrey JimBurk ErnestRome SteveMarlowe Members Absent TylerMcDaniel     Staff SteveKillian,PlanningDirector .JoyFox,AdministrativeAssistantDillonLackey,SeniorPlanner   Call Meeting to Order BillMcMurreycalledthemeetingtoorder.   Adoption of Agenda [...]

Moss Lake Commission Meeting notes Coming Soon

We are in the process of updating this site to better inform the residents of Moss Lake rw

Moss Lake Property Owners BBQ

The food was worth waiting for – everyone said in was great – The crowd mingled with neighbors and friends – Click on Photos to check out more BBQ shots.